Tell-A-Tale of Faith In Fatih

December 15, 2018
8:00 pm
Tell-A-Tale of Faith In Fatih
Riduan Zalani

While being in captivity in his own kingdom, the long-lost prince discovered his forgotten past – the path to peace and glory, filled with sacrifices, pain and piety. Through songs of power, hope, love and deceit, let the drums and music lead you on a journey destined for greatness.

The Tell-A-Tale of Faith In Fatih is a concert featuring original music and story by Nadi Singapura.

Performed by: Nadi Singapura, OrkeStar Trio, Din Safari and Aidil Akmal. Featuring: Nizarfauzi Norlie, Ridwan Ramli, Fadli Ramli, Rose Handayani, Shahirah Saad and Riduan Zalani

Original Story: Riduan Zalani
Playwright: Zulfadli Rashid
Original Music: Riduan Zalani, Alhafiz Jamat and Ismahairie Putra Ishak.
Show Director: Riduan Zalani

Riduan Zalani © 2018