Frame Drums Italia 2019

June 10, 2019 - June 16, 2019
Frame Drums Italia 2019
Riduan Zalani

rame Drums Italia is an International Festival born with the aim of providing its participants a broad view on the study and practice of frame drums in relation to both the traditional and modern musical languages in which they are applied. In addition to this, the Festival features some high-interest activities for both the performes and teachers wishing to broaden their instruments possibilities, such as the scenical use of drums in theatrical settings as well as their use in music-therapy. All of this will take place for four days in the beautiful italian countryside of Marche, more precisely in the charming medieval town of Montelparo, where a nice ex-monastery will host the event as usual. This 2019 Festival edition is conceived to offer an even more organic and articulated tuition path than ever before, by a close-knit team of teachers. Frame drums different languages and applications will be covered with a comparative and multidisciplinary focus, offering students an invaluable opportunity for learning and deepening their knowledge.

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