National Day Parade 2018

February 2, 2022
National Day Parade 2018
Riduan Zalani
  • Do catch Riduan Zalani on rebana during the grand finale of the National Day Parade 2018!

We Are Singapore will feature around 500 performers from the Peoples’ Association with a vibrant and energetic performance comprising a symphony of ethnic drums that will propel energy levels to a high. The drum beats act as a rallying call for Singaporeans to respond together and celebrate the nation’s resilience and community spirit.

The Grand Finale will also feature a symbolic moment of unity and a call to action as everyone present will proudly take our Pledge and sing the National Anthem. And of course not forgetting one of our main highlights, the audience and those gathered around the Marina Bay will be treated to a beautiful display of fireworks during the Grand Finale!

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