Bangkit Kalbu


Nearly 2 years ago, I challenged myself to compose new music with the intention to feature the Rebana, offering a new colour in Malay/ Instrumental music. Most songs include solo section that incorporates specific technique and tones. I hope you enjoy watching this video. Side notes: For fellow rebana enthusiasts, technique here includes fast phrases of single strokes and the use of muted tone (something i believe is new and yet to be fully explored).

Ismahairie Putra Isyak
Noraini Binte Abas
Nur Azreen binte Sopri
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Jamat
Muhammad Nazrul Fathmi Bin Norlie
Mohammad Nizarfauzi Bin Norlie
Muhammad Ridzman Bin Mohd Salleh
Md Zulfahmi bin Othman
Saidrudy Bin Mohamed Buang
Umar Zakaria

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