That Beat of Faith

Salam and greetings to everyone,
I’m thankful for the opportunity  to lead life in such a way. Especially every moment playing music, performing, teaching, collaborating, travelling and producing works that i strongly believe in.
As i reflect, i realize that it was my first love, the instrument i honor and feel most responsible for, the Rebana Asli (Bebano) and the music, that sparked everything. I learn, discover and grow with it.
This weekend would be one of the most exciting yet nervewrecking one. 11th August will the first ever showcase of Gelombunk – my latest compositions dedicated to extending the potential of the rebana and the musician.
And 12th aug (By invitation) will be the official launch of Gelombunk as well as That Beat Of Faith – the first instructional dvd on the Rebana.
I have assembled a team of enthusiatic musicians who shares this vision of generating a renewed interest in our ethnic sounds,instrument and music.
I seek your kind support and blessings my dear family and friends. May all of these works be beneficial and inspiring for those who cross path with it.
A big thank you to everyone who believe, contributed and supported in this humble pursuit including National Arts Council Singapore. #gratitude

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